Wednesday, February 8th, 2023


Photo : Morris Mbetsa's flying car / Courtesy TUKO
Photo : Morris Mbetsa's flying car / Courtesy TUKO

As far as home-grown talent goes, Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa. Every day, there's always someone in Kenya attempting to break free from the norm and make a difference in the world we live in.

A good example of such persons is Morris Mbetsa, the Kenyan who shook the world with his flying Taxi invention. Mbetsa joined the club of renowned aeronautical engineers (Aero Club of East Africa) back in 2018 with his creation. According to Mbetsa, his love for technology began at the age of six. His interest in inventing something of his own was so strong that he dropped out of college in order to dedicate his energy in this pursuit.

Photo : Morris Mbetsa / Courtesy

Morris took a huge leap to the sky when he created this drone which is large enough to ferry passengers. He educated himself on the intricacies of building the passenger drone using the internet. The decision to build the drone was motivated by the fact that developed nations weren’t willing to share the innovation with African countries.

The electrically powered drone is capable of carrying one passenger for about 25 minutes at a speed of 120 km per hour elevated at the height of between 10 to 30 feet above ground. Mbetsa's drone can be operated either manually or through a remote control.

According to the young inventor, with the help of his team, plans of making an air traffic control system are underway. It will enable easy communication between all the flying taxis while on a flight.

Photo : Morris Mbetsa and his team. / Courtesy

Prior to this invention, in 2019, Mbetsa created a car security system utilizing a mobile application to track vehicles.

Morris' invention will no doubt open doors for future African techpreneurs and perhaps inspire the coming generations to be the change they want to see in the society.


Makokha Simiyu

Makokha Simiyu is a copywriter and an Economist by profession.