Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023


The team arriving in Mukuru Lunga Lunga
The team arriving in Mukuru Lunga Lunga

MATZA Edgelands, an art project that investigates urban realities has partnered with Wajukuu Arts Collective to bring the exhibition called “Digital Informalities” to Nairobi. The project will explore new forms of social contract in a time of digitalization, insecurity, and massive urbanization. 

The first two editions of MATZA Edgelands took place in Medellín, Colombia, in January 2022, and Cúcuta, Colombia, in July 2022. Nairobi will host a team of eight national and international artists and architects from Kenya, Venezuela, and Switzerland until February 10.

Chosen for its specific and central location in East Africa, as well as its unique position as an economic and creative hub, Nairobi serves its region and continent as a representative of Africa’s fast-changing demographics and urban development. In this particular context, “Digital Informalities” will explore how digitalization has given shape to massive surveillance of the city, and new forms of informal business, alliances and reciprocities.

The MATZA Edgelands project will constitute 19 days of immersion, work and investigation through visits, meetings and discussions with experts, community stakeholders and inhabitants in the city of Nairobi in collaboration with the Wajukuu Arts Collective, with a specific focus on the area of Mukuru Lunga Lunga. 

The MATZA Edgeland project was initiated by Séverin Guelpa and Anja Wyden Guelpa in close collaboration with the Edgelands Institute and Civic Lab Geneva. The exhibition will take place from February 10 to February 28 at Mukuru Lunga Lunga featuring at from artists from Kenya, Venezuela China and Tunisia including Lawrence Shabu Mwangi (KEN), Joan Otieno (KEN), Mounir Ayoub (TUN, CH), Flurina Rothenberger (CH), Ngugi Waweru (KEN), Nabalayo Wattimah (KEN), Ngure Wanjiru (KEN) and Ronald Pizzoferrato (VEN).


Juma Ouko

Juma Ouko is a Performing Poet and Illustrator ready to change the world through Art.