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About a decade ago, the Avocado didn’t have much value as it has today. Last year, a ban was placed on Hass and Fuerte, the two export varieties of Avocadoes, by the horticulture regulator. The ban was effected due to the emergence of cases where exportation of immature crops overseas’ markets had gone rampant.

According to Earnest Muthomi, executive officer of Avocado Society of Kenya, the rise in prices of avocado is due to the increase demand and knowledge of the fruit, “People are aware of the nutritional benefit of avocado. Also, we have local investors who have invested in processing avocado. Locally, we use the Jumbo variety for consumption, but it can also be used to make avocado oil,” said Mr Muthomi.

He also added that Kenya is ranked the seventh biggest exporter of avocado in the world, and number one in Africa after overtaking South Africa in 2017.

The Hass and Fuerte varieties of avocado are exported to Europe, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Muthomi said the current high demand had led to the export of premature fruits, leading to the ban. "People are asking for anything that looks like an avocado. The ban is meant to protect Kenya's reputation in the export market,” he said.

"Exports carry the Kenyan identity, and a good reputation is key in getting a better price for our produce."

He urged farmers to sell their produce through the lobby to avoid being exploited by brokers. 


Juma Ouko

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